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Job mismatch

According to a research study by the consulting firm Accenture and Girls Who Code, in 2015 there were 40,000 computer science graduates to fill 500,000 computing jobs.   Why have we got this mis-match and are you a part of it?

Despite today’s technology tools, the perfect opportunity for you probably isn’t presenting itself just when you are looking for it.   That’s one reason you should depend on professional recruiters with access to a broad range of opportunities and the understanding of how career progressions work in the information technology world.   We have the skills to put together teams and do it quickly.   Whether you are a candidate or an employer, use a professional for professional results.

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    Areas of understanding
    • Healthcare IT

      • Interoperability
      • ICD-10
      • HIPPA 5010
    • Energy IT

      • Reservoir simulations
      • Directional drilling
      • Core analysis
    • Defense/Cyber Security IT

      • Firewalls
      • Data encryption
      • Cyber warfare
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