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Post by Daniel | Posted on Monday 01-13-20

7 Jobs You Can Easily Outsource to Freelancers

The following is courtesy of Courtney Rosenfeld who can be reached at 7 Jobs You Can Easily Outsource to Freelancers The freelance market has exploded in the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. One in three Americans is now a freelancer, and there are billio...


Post by Daniel | Posted on

Employment Law Ramifications for the Gig Economy

This article is courtesy of Kimberly S. Webster, Esq., whose website  is Employment Law Ramifications In reality, essentially any job can be done by the right freelancer. However, the jobs that are mostly ad hoc, such as tech support and graphic design, and jobs that require a...


Post by Daniel | Posted on Wednesday 03-29-17

Job mismatch

According to a research study by the consulting firm Accenture and Girls Who Code, in 2015 there were 40,000 computer science graduates to fill 500,000 computing jobs.   Why have we got this mis-match and are you a part of it? Despite today's technology tools, the perfect opportunity for you probably isn't presenting itself just when you are looking for it.   That's one reason you should depend...


Post by Daniel | Posted on Saturday 04-16-16

Cybersecurity embarrassment

"The U.S. government is worse at cybersecurity than just about everyone else"   Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends, Lulu Chang April 15, 2016 Scary article that shows the organization with the largest assets is not keeping proper care of its assets.   It's a problem and an opportunity at the same time....


Post by Daniel | Posted on Thursday 12-31-15

Happy New Year!

You can catch me at HIMSS, Las Vegas, March 2-3, 2016.   The IT Talent Agent!   Cell 978-587-1457. Daniel Webster...


Post by Daniel | Posted on Tuesday 10-20-15

Sending on the same channel your recipient is on

We have long understood the power of algorithms to do wondrous things.   Often, however, interpersonal communication is an overlooked application for them.   Imagine algorithms that could help you construct an e-mail that came in as "warm" to the receiver instead of "cold."   A new piece of software called "Crystal" does just that using algorithms  to categorize professionals into 64 personality...


Post by Daniel | Posted on Tuesday 12-02-14

Which of the 3 categories do you belong in?

Courtesy of Aaron Hurst in "The New Killer Interview Question": As Google has discovered, we need to stop getting advice from management consultants and start spending more time talking to academics who have actually studied workplace behavior. I have been inspired by many of these amazing academics over the last two years. Perhaps the most powerful and useful as been the work of Yale’s Amy Wrz...


Post by Daniel | Posted on Tuesday 11-18-14

What the black market prices are for certain medical records

According to the FBI, the price of an electronic healthcare record on the Black Market is around $50. US.   Compare that with the price of only $1. for someone's Social Security Number.   Given that, after a breach, no healthcare organization wants to "buy back" all that was stolen, even assuming they could.   A better plan is to spend serious  money on data security before a (reportable) breach...


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