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7 Jobs You Can Easily Outsource to Freelancers

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7 Jobs You Can Easily Outsource to Freelancers


The freelance market has exploded in the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. One in three Americans is now a freelancer, and there are billions of others worldwide, many of which are fully capable of delivering top-quality work for your business.


However, many companies are still reluctant to bring in freelancers or don’t quite know how to use them effectively. The following jobs are all ideal for a freelancer, and they’re perfect if you are wondering where to get started with making your business more freelance-friendly.


Office Assistant


There are countless daily administrative tasks that take up a huge amount of time, especially when you are just starting out as a small business. Many of these are simple enough to be easily passed onto a virtual assistant, who, as Upwork explains, can provide help with tasks such as data entry, calendar management, and administrative support.




Paying someone to handle your finances is just good business, but keeping a full-time accountant on the books is a big expense. Instead, you can hire freelance accountants, bookkeepers, and tax specialists, both on an ongoing and ad hoc basis. For the simple stuff, like managing invoices and expenses, you can look for someone with less experience and lower rates. If what you want is a trusted expert with extensive industry experience, Paro is a great service connecting businesses with top-rated financial talent.


Content Writer


Content marketing, or the strategy of establishing yourself as an expert in your field with trusted content, is one of the best long-term marketing strategies out there. Content accumulates easily, expands your website to boost SEO, and can generate new business. Hiring a content writer for the blog section of your website is the easiest way to generate regular, reliable content. Just make sure to hire someone with experience in your industry and with experience of SEO tactics.




It is easier than ever to build a website these days, but most companies will soon find they want a more custom experience than what you get with a template. A developer will be able to customize your website to your needs, as well as make it easier for you to maintain it yourself. This handy guide from Coding Horror explains a few tricks you can use to make sure you hire a reliable developer, even when you don’t understand any of this coding and programming stuff.


Tech Support


You have two options when it comes to freelance tech support: You can either hire someone to come in physically, or you can hire a remote worker who can provide support from their own desktop. The latter can be significantly cheaper, especially as there is a high number of people offering tech support from around the globe. If you choose this option, remember to check reviews to ensure the freelancer is capable of delivering high-quality work.


Graphic Designer


Few small businesses can justify an in-house design department, but no business can justify ignoring design completely. Good design is more important than ever, and it has a concrete return on investment — a UK group found that for every £100 a design-focused company spent on design, turnover increases by £225. Whether it’s for a logo, brochures, social media, or your website, a freelance graphic designer can make you achieve the perfect look for your brand.


Social Media Manager


Managing social media is one of those things that seems easy until you try to do it yourself. A freelance social media manager can save you a huge amount of time while also significantly boosting your social media ROI. When hiring a freelance social media manager, make sure you thoroughly understand what your priorities are (Increasing follower count? Ad campaigns? Customer service?) and be clear about your expectations.


In reality, essentially any job can be done by the right freelancer. However, the jobs that are mostly ad hoc, such as tech support and graphic design, and jobs that require a small amount of regular weekly hours, such as social media manager or accountant, are particularly well-suited. You get to only pay for the hours you need, and they get to control their schedule. It’s a win-win.

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